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Catchup on our Early Winter Florida Visit

Last winter, on Thanksgiving day, we drove to a different season in Jacksonville, Florida.  10 days, 9 camping nights, 2,200 miles. Total for 2012: 38 camping nights and 6,670 miles: …

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Trip Preparations as it Gets Colder

It’s been a busy traveling year…This week Rick and I sat down and did some statistics: 8 trips for a total of 4,470 miles and 29 trailer nights. And the biggest trip is yet to come!

A couple of problems ended up being critical: welding on new chains and getting the driver’s window re-seated in the door of our tow vehicle. Rick considered welding the chains on himself, but the challenge of not injuring the wiring (in the process) was daunting. Rick ended up taking the trailer to a local RV shop and the truck to the dealership. Rick also replaced the case for the electric hookup, which somehow came loose from the trailer shell and cracked. All systems are now functioning. Things look pretty good.

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Getting Away From Sandy

It felt a bit odd heading out to coastal Williamsburg, VA just as meteorologists started issuing stern warnings of a hurricane  hitting shore at nearby Norfolk, even as a nor’easter storm started barreling down from Canada. The combo was already inspiring folks to call it “Frankenstorm” and supplies at local hardware and supermarkets were draining…quickly. However, by Thursday night, the storms remained off the coast of Southern Florida–and I was booked for the first part of a sewing class on 18th century tailoring.

We held off our departure to the next morning, since my class started later that afternoon–and since  we were exceptionally tired on Thursday night. Travel down to Williamsburg was uneventful–roads were congested, but not awful while the weather was grey and cloudy. After about three hours, we pulled into my class and I got down to the work of pattern drafting.

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Reading, Chili, Homebrew and Climbing

Rick’s continuing effort to practice climbing skills led us back to Seneca Rocks, WV for a fantastic fall weekend in mid October. This time, we got no rain–just crisp cold mornings and sunny days. We took off after work on Friday, set up camp late and woke up to the most incredible campsite. We got all we could hope for in a weekend break: great views, fall foliage, a bonfire and a great party.

This time we camped at Yokum’s vacationland–a privately owned campground situated in a spectacular riverfront property. While the setups at the site are somewhat spotty (we found we had to check to make sure that the site we camped at had working hookups), the site we ended up camping made up for it in pure postcard perfectness–nothing between us and the view of the cliffs except a river.

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